Balance Bikes improve a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Allowing them to learn while facing challenges on the bike requires balance and co-ordination. When a child succeeds they will feel good about it as they have overcome the challenges by themselves. Praise them for their success to further enhance their self-esteem and confidence levels. Your child will gradually learn how to deal with larger actions which will allow them to understand security and the feeling of being in control.

Regardless of your child's age, how tall they are, or what kind of riding style you are trying to teach them, toddler balance bikes are a much better option than traditional training bikes. Kids will get down the proper balance, will learn how to manuever, and will learn how to develop the proper riding stance, which is going to make it easier for them to transition to the regular bikes at an older age.

Bike riding is a lot of fun, and it is also a wonderful form of exercise. Keeping your child active will decrease her risk of obesity and increase her overall health. Your child will also feel a sense of accomplishment and independence when she succeeds in learning how to ride her bicycle.

It only took her four rides to totally master balance. As a parent, we never even touched the bike or offered any advice. She had watched her older brother and sister enough to know what bike riding was all about. The Kinderbike is ultra-light and she can take a seat on it with her little feet on the ground without difficulty. The Strider Bike also weighs no more than 9 pounds.

The strider bikes or the balancing bikes for kids give the child a good expertise in balancing on a bike at a very young age. With the help of these balancing push bikes a young toddler quickly learns how to use the steering of the bike followed by learning balancing without the need of pedalling the bike. It becomes a lot simpler when pedalling is introduced to the child to move around on a two wheel bikeas the child already has learned the skill of balancing the bike and also steering.

Balance bikes allow your kids to be safe while learning to ride. Kids learn how to balance. When they get the real bicycle, they aren’t afraid of riding it. Besides, riding a bicycle makes your kid healthier and fitter. Adjusting to a healthier lifestyle, a kid doesn’t become ill so often. If you are interested in buying balance bikes in Calgary, visit several shops. There you will find a large selection of bicycles. Sales assistants will provide you with pieces of advice concerning the most popular models, their price, functionality, etc.