Actively encourage a child to use their balance bike daily. Offer to take them to the park a few times a week for them to learn and explore, still with your parental guidance, but allow them to learn alone. Research by child psychologist and biologist, Dr. Jean Piaget has revealed that a child’s ability to communicate and understand the world around them is based on adequate sensory, motor-skill development and integration.

The toddler balance bikes are also great because kids can start by walking around on the bike. This will allow them to get accustomed to the stance, and to how their body is supposed to look on the bike. But, once they get the hang of it, they are going to get down the proper body weight balance, and they are going to learn how to manuever and manipulate the toddler balance bikes around, where they are in control of it when they are riding. This will allow them to get on hills, go down straight paths, or ride on any trails with more confidence, due to the fact that they are learning proper form and balance, and due to the fact that they are doing the riding on their own, without the assistance of additional training wheels.

Bike riding is a great family bonding activity. Grab your bicycle and enjoy riding alongside your child. You can also take family bike trips to the park, playground or another fun destination. In today's busy world, it is more important than ever to spend time together laughing and relaxing as a family.

My youngest daughter is three now. Her personality is pretty diverse from her older sister. She's much more of a daredevil. When she turned three, we got her a Kinderbike, probably the most popular balance bikes available on the market.

As they learn the process of balancing step by step the toddlers can easily pick their feet off the ground and start balancing the bike. You may notice that it is very easy to learn for the kids as some kids start balancing on the very first day of using the bike. A young toddler can learn how to balance on a bike step by step each day even without trying hard. By teaching balance with the help of these balance bikes or push bikes for kids, you can make your child feel confident about balancing on a two wheel bike at a younger age without the use of those training wheels.

Bicycles may be made from wood or metal. Wooden bikes are less durable. They easily break so they often are regarded as a waste of money. Metal bikes are more durable. They come in a bunch of designs and styles. Make sure you know about your kids’ favorite cartoons, bands, etc. Or at least, a favorite color. Thus, you’ll be sure that the kid loves a new bike. Kids will love riding bicycles with images of their favorite characters.