Balance Bikes are entertaining and appealing to children as they come in a variety of designs. Children will want to go and ride! Balance Bikes help to stimulate the child’s imagination as they ride around. Enter their imagination and experience the ride with them, they will appreciate it, and so will you.

B Thomas is mother to three energetic kids who love to ride their bikes and learned by starting on a balance bike. For more information on toddler balance bikes go to

B Thomas is a Pediatric Nurse and a mom to three very energetic young boys. For more information on balance bikes go to

That's really the secret to balance bikes and why kids as young as eighteen months can discover how to ride using a balance bike. They're half the load of a you'd get in a department store and smaller. So preschoolers don't have any trouble maneuvering the bicycles. They basically hop on and launch on their own using their feet.

But if the child has not learnt the ability of balancing the bike and when he is introduced to pedalling on a two wheel bike, it often makes the child fearful about balancing on a two wheel bike. This will need them to use training wheels to master the balancing as well as pedalling but will make the learning process a lot more complex.

Striders are a great alternative to tricycles as they allow children to learn how to balance quicker. This saves kids from injuries. Balance bikes are usually small and light. They aren’t so big as traditional bikes. Besides, striders don’t require much maintenance and repair as usual bikes.

The parents can use the strider bikes to train their kids by taking them on an outing. This helps the toddlers understand more about the surroundings and make them much more conscious about the world outside and the roads. When they get used to riding this strider bike regularly, they begin to sit on the bike’s seat and start to pedal the cycle while trying to balance on the wheels.